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Odas Marinas: The ocean unbound

Capucine Bourcart

Mario Tauchi

Allicette Torres

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"Odas Marinas: The Ocean ​Unbound" invites you to journey ​beyond the shore, exploring the ​sea's profound role as a reflection of ​our collective spirit and its intricate ​connections with humanity. This ​exhibition merges diverse artistic ​expressions, from mixed media to ​digital installations, to probe our ​historical, emotional, and ecological ​ties with the ocean. As we face ​environmental challenges, "Odas ​Marinas" serves as a call to ​awareness, urging us to reflect on ​our interactions with the marine ​world and embrace a sustainable ​future. Join us in this immersive ​exploration to deepen our ​understanding of the ocean's critical ​importance and foster a harmonious ​relationship with this fundamental ​aspect of our planet.

"Odas Marinas: The Ocean ​Unbound" invites you to journey ​beyond the shore, exploring the ​sea's profound role as a reflection of ​our collective spirit and its intricate ​connections with humanity. This ​exhibition merges diverse artistic ​expressions, from mixed media to ​digital installations, to probe our ​historical, emotional, and ecological ​ties with the ocean. As we face ​environmental challenges, "Odas ​Marinas" serves as a call to ​awareness, urging us to reflect on ​our interactions with the marine ​world and embrace a sustainable ​future. Join us in this immersive ​exploration to deepen our ​understanding of the ocean's critical ​importance and foster a harmonious ​relationship with this fundamental ​aspect of our planet.



"Odas Marinas: El Océano sin Límites" ​te invita a emprender un viaje más allá ​de la orilla, explorando el profundo ​papel del mar como reflejo de nuestro ​espíritu colectivo y sus intrincadas ​conexiones con la humanidad. Esta ​exposición combina diversas ​expresiones artísticas, desde medios ​mixtos hasta instalaciones digitales, ​para sondear nuestros lazos históricos, ​emocionales y ecológicos con el ​océano. Frente a los desafíos ​ambientales, "Odas Marinas" actúa ​como un llamado a la conciencia, ​instándonos a reflexionar sobre ​nuestras interacciones con el mundo ​marino y abrazar un futuro sostenible. ​Únete a nosotros en esta exploración ​inmersiva para profundizar nuestra ​comprensión de la importancia crítica ​del océano y fomentar una relación ​armoniosa con este aspecto ​fundamental de nuestro planeta.

About Revolú Gallery


Revolú Gallery is a pioneer in integrating ​advanced technologies and innovative ​mediums to globalize art and ventures into ​the convergence of low or no-tech art with ​technological realms. This exploration ​signifies a commitment to diversity in ​expression and medium, reflecting a ​broader curiosity about how traditional ​techniques intersect with the digital age. ​Furthering its avant-garde mission, Revolú ​Gallery is deeply invested in delving into ​the boundaries of philosophical thought, ​identity, and the intersection of ​perspectives, including but not limited to ​non-US-born Americans, and their ​diaspora, women, the queer community, ​and other outliers from the traditional art ​world. By championing these varied ​narratives, the gallery underscores its ​dedication to fostering a rich dialogue that ​transcends conventional art narratives and ​embraces the complex mosaic of human ​experience, all while challenging the ​Western-centric and English language-​centric focus prevalent in the art world.


Revolú Galleryは、最先端のテクノロジー​と革新的なメディアを融合させ、アート​のグローバル化を目指すパイオニアであ​り、ローテクやノーテクアートとテクノ​ロジー領域の融合に取り組んでいます。​この探究は、表現や媒体における多様性​へのコミットメントを示すものであり、​伝統的な技法がデジタル時代とどのよう​に交わっていくのかという幅広い好奇心​を反映しています。Revolú Galleryは、そ​の先駆的な使命をさらに推進するため、​哲学的思考、アイデンティティ、そして​米国生まれでないアメリカ人やそのディ​アスポラ、女性、クィアコミュニティ、​その他従来のアート界から逸脱した人々​を含むがそれらに限定されない視点の交​差の境界を掘り下げることに深く尽力し​ています。このような多様な物語を支持​することで、当ギャラリーは、従来のア​ートの物語を超越し、人間の経験という​複雑なモザイクを包含する豊かな対話を​促進することへの献身を明確にすると同​時に、アートの世界で広く普及している​西洋中心主義や英語中心主義に挑戦しま​す。


Revolú Gallery est une pionnière dans ​l'intégration de technologies avancées et ​de supports innovants pour promouvoir et ​diffuser l’art à l'échelle internationale. Son ​objectif est d’explorer la convergence ​entre l’art traditionnel “low tech” avec des ​supports technologiques. Cette démarche ​illustre son engagement pour la diversité ​des expressions et des supports, ​démontrant ainsi son intérêt à combiner les ​techniques traditionnelles avec le monde ​numérique. Profondément avant-gardiste, ​Revolú Gallery explore les limites de la ​pensée philosophique, de l'identité et de la ​confluence des points de vues, incluant, ​sans s'y limiter, les Américains non natifs et ​leur diaspora, les femmes, la communauté ​queer, ainsi que plus largement les ​anticonformistes du monde de l'art ​traditionnel. En portant ces récits variés, la ​galerie témoigne de son engagement en ​faveur d'un dialogue riche qui dépasse les ​récits artistiques conventionnels et ​embrasse la complexité de l'expérience ​humaine, tout en remettant en question la ​prédominance de la perspective ​occidentale et de la langue anglaise dans ​le monde de l'art.


La Galería Revolú es pionera en la ​integración de tecnologías avanzadas y ​medios innovadores para globalizar el arte, ​y se adentra en la convergencia del arte ​de baja o “no tech” con los reinos ​tecnológicos. Esta exploración denota un ​compromiso con la diversidad de expresión ​y medio, reflejando una amplia curiosidad ​sobre cómo las técnicas tradicionales se ​entrecruzan con la era digital. ​Profundizando en su misión vanguardista, ​la Galería Revolú está profundamente ​comprometida en explorar los límites del ​pensamiento filosófico, la identidad y la ​intersección de perspectivas, incluidas, ​pero no limitadas a, las de los no ​estadounidenses nacidos fuera de EE.UU., ​su diáspora, mujeres, la comunidad queer y ​otros que se desvían del mundo artístico ​tradicional. Al promover estas variadas ​narrativas, la galería subraya su ​dedicación a fomentar un diálogo ​enriquecedor que trasciende las narrativas ​artísticas convencionales y abraza el ​complejo mosaico de la experiencia ​humana, todo mientras desafía el enfoque ​centrado en Occidente y en el idioma ​inglés predominante en el mundo del arte.

Exhibiting /Artistas/ Artistes アーティスト


Capucine Bourcart

Visual artist/Artiste visuel

Mario tauchi

visual artist/


Allicette torres

video artist, photographer & Curator / ​Videoartista, fotógrafA y curadorA

Press Release Information

For Immediate Release • March 18th, 2024

"Odas Marinas: The Ocean Unbound" - Illuminating the Ocean's Cultural and

Environmental importance through the artists' lens.

NEW YORK, NY - Wind Support’s Skippers Lounge at South Street Seaport proudly presents ​“Odas Marinas: The Ocean Unbound,” curated by Allicette Torres. This captivating exhibition ​explores the profound and complex relationship with the ocean from April 4th to May 31st, 2024.

Join us for the opening reception on Thursday, April 4th, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

at the South Street Seaport 189 Front New York, NY 10038

This exhibition melds diverse cultural perspectives and artistic mediums, featuring the works of ​three international-facing artists—Mario Tauchi, Capucine Bourcart, and Allicette Torres. This ​exhibition weaves together a tapestry of cultural narratives, artistic expressions, and ecological ​contemplations to illuminate the intricate interplay between human life and the boundless ​majesty of the ocean. Through this showcase, the artists engage in a profound dialogue, sharing ​their deeply personal and transformative encounters with the sea, inviting viewers into a world ​where art and the aquatic realm converge.

Tauchi, through his unique fusion of Asian Mandalas and Western modern art, reflects on the ​enduring impact of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima disaster, focusing ​on the challenges of contamination management and the debate over releasing treated water ​into the ocean. With a forthcoming wall drawing performance, he will explore the balance ​between human action, environmental responsibility, and our vulnerability to natural disasters and ​technological excess.

Fascinated by the ocean's diversity, mystery, power, and vital role, the Bourcart series of mixed-​media paintings explore its grandeur. Her works are a visual reflection of interactions with the ​sea, its force, and natural elements. Among them, there’s a poignant reminder of the smallness of ​our humanity in the face of its immensity and the humility it imposes on us.

These pieces are literal and authentic because they incorporate natural materials such as sand, ​shells, and feathers she collected from the natural world; they invite the viewer into a visual sensory ​exploration.

Torres’ video projection, drawing inspiration from the Puerto Rican ethos “Las playas son del pueblo” ​(The beaches belong to the people), offers a visually poetic journey through the communal battle ​against privatization and environmental damage, embracing the notion that land and water belong ​universally to no one.

It is a powerful advocacy piece for preserving beaches as a shared natural heritage belonging to all, ​highlighting the imperative to protect these spaces from exploitation and preserve them for the ​common good.

“Odas Marinas: The Ocean Unbound” is more than an exhibition; it calls for pause and consideration. ​Through a curated selection of works that span the marine environment’s emotional, conceptual, and ​political spectrum, the exhibition challenges perceptions and urges us to reconsider our role in ​fostering a sustainable and harmonious relationship with the ocean.


Wind Support, the sponsor of the exhibition, NYC, is spearheading the push for eco-friendly maritime ​solutions, aiming to reduce the significant environmental footprint of global shipping, responsible for ​3% of the world’s GHG emissions. By advocating for wind propulsion technologies and collaborating ​with industry stakeholders, they aim to significantly lower the shipping sector’s carbon emissions and ​make wind-powered transport the standard for moving goods and energy globally.

Revolú Gallery is the curator of the exhibition, and one of its focuses is to integrate technology and ​new media to globalize art and ventures into the convergence of low or no-tech art with ​technological realms. This exploration signifies a commitment to diversity in expression and medium, ​reflecting a broader curiosity about how traditional techniques intersect with the digital age. The ​gallery explores philosophical thought, identity, and the intersection of perspectives, including but not ​limited to non-US-born Americans, their diaspora, and outliers from the traditional art world.

Revolú Gallery & Art Hoes United Open Call

Revolú Gallery & Art Hoes United seeks artists who embrace absurdist ​outlooks and alternative methods to recontextualize our relationship ​with art and history.

Empower your sense of self-determination and infuse your artistic spirit ​into your individual interpretation of oceanic iconography, each gesture ​becoming a testament to the ultimate fluidity of self-expression. We ​encourage you to immerse us in the vibrant hues and dynamic ​movements of your expression, embracing traditions and mediums that ​have shaped your artistic identity. Delve into the depths of your ​relationship with art and history, intertwining with the primal rhythms of ​ecology and the ocean. Unveil the unseen currents and mysteries lurking ​beneath the surface, enticing exploration with every breath. Create a ​portal to uncharted depths, where creation and appreciation swim with ​a sustained pulse. Deliver us paintings, video, text, or multimedia works ​that give shape to water and its movements that define us, allowing us ​to reflect on our understanding of what we know and all there still is for ​us to learn.

Art Hoes United is an NYC-based art collective that collaborates with ​artists worldwide. AHU is dedicated to amplifying the voices of artists ​whose work offers fresh perspectives, enriching our appreciation and ​relationship to art within narratives concerned with the capitalization ​and commodification of culture.

Art Hoes United / Guest Collaborators

About Denver crawford

Denver Crawford is a multimedia artist and ​co-founder of Art Hoes United. He is a ​published author, illustrator, projection ​designer, and performer. He wrote ENTER ​THE VOID or Facebook Play, A Dedication ​to Incoherence, and ANALOG. He ​illustrated the “Left Hand Tarot,” an ​abstract-minimalist interpretation of tarot ​imagery. He designed projections for plays ​and concerts like Last Room by Mitch ​Moxley and Dreamscapes with Music at ​Co-Cath. He has performed off-Broadway ​and in Film and Television.

Focusing on stories that navigate schisms ​between digital and physical realities, ​Denver uses techniques highlighting the ​exchange of information and values within ​our content-driven media landscape. ​Denver creates immersive experiences for ​his audience, using information as a space ​to be entered through meditations on living ​in an instant-information economy.

About Ender

Christopher “Ender” Coryat (He/Him) is an artist based in ​New York City and a proud alumnus of the Cooper Union. ​Ender creates film, sound, music, sculpture, painting, and ​performance art incorporating various themes and ​materials. His work centers around creating and ​rediscovering universal safe spaces that encourage free ​thought and expression and provide a genuine escape ​from chaos. In the realm of film, he has served as an ​assistant director for the TV series Endless Souls, a script ​supervisor for the feature-length titled The Earth Belongs to ​Me and held the position of art director for the indie film ​Coping Mechanisms. Currently, he is involved in several ​ongoing projects. These include Artifacts of Autistic ​Dialogues, a collaboration with Emma Reinhardt, and ​alongside co-founder Denver Crawford, Art Hoes United, ​an upcoming exhibition showcasing performance, film, and ​projection work. For a 2024 series of works entitled The ​Bathroom Series, Ender uses prescription drugs to create ​pigments for paintings on wood.

In addition to his endeavors, Coryat founded the art ​collective WUMBO and co-founded Art Hoes United. He ​has curated a unique sculptural space in Coney Island, The ​House, which serves as the operational base for the ​collective.